Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Time is here

Well, it has been a busy week and it is not quite over. Will probably tell all tales in a couple emails. This last Sunday was the Christmas Program, Choir Sing and luncheon at the church we are attending. It is held early as much of the Expat congregation starts its holiday traveling as soon as kids are released from school. Rachel was a narrator and did an excellent job of speaking - I really think she liked that microphone (who would have imagined that!!) Kendra was a sweet little sheperd - courtesy of an old sheet, the magic of mom's new sewing machine and a bit of a Star Wars costume. All the kids did such a nice job and the girls really enjoyed being a part of it. I did sing in the choir in spite of going to only 2 practices a month ago. Due to being sick, guests, etc... I hadn't gone in a while even though Bart & girls did, but bodies were needed and my recall is decent from lots of practise in IA. BUT, we started singing "I'll be home for Christmas..." and I about lost it.
This will be the first Christmas for me (Susan) that none of my immediate family will be together for the Holidays - since Kris was born (she's younger and I'm going to start using her age now :) ). And we are missing Des Moines. Looked at pictures with the house in it and Max last week - wonderful memories. Have had some emails from friends there and we miss Valley and the neighborhood. However - it is VERY COLD in DM right now and we still have had only 2 nights go down to freezing. Granted, they are canceling World Cup skiing events in Europe due to the lack of snow in the Alps (looking at the warmest winter, they say, in 1300 years) - but my snow shovel is still in the garage and I don't look forward to slippery steps.
Funny note: Kendra is standing in front of our Christmas tree - Yes, we dragged our beautiful, artificial Noble Fir over here. With two storage boxes of ornaments. As I am decorating I think "Where is the tree skirt?" In Des Moines storage. "Where is my this, that and the other thing?" In DM storage. As I am sewing "Where are my 'whatever'?" In DM storage. By time I got down to the basement to sort items for shipping, you can imagine that I was a little tired of making 3-5 year "take it or leave it" decisions. So, I did not really go thru the Christmas boxes or sewing boxes well and have much of what I don't need and stored much of what I do want. Funny, REALLY!!
Enough of my homesickness and will get on with the other events later in the blog.

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WOW, Kendra you really. Look. Amazing